Utilities - The energy to serve

Your utility has unique customer management needs. Our specialized services approach, allows us to uniquely craft an optimized solution for any gas, electricity, waste water and water service provider.

Across the continental United States, Faneuil serves as the public face of our clients in the highly regulated utilities industry. Our multi-channel customer care centers are staffed by utility specialists and technologically equipped to support millions of consumers annually. With attention to every interaction, our objective is to fully address the needs of each customer. During the initial telephone conversation, web chat, e-mail exchange, or face-to-face discussion, we strive for customer satisfaction, efficiency and first call resolutions. Moreover, our knowledgeable representatives handle the needs for residential and commercial customers ranging from general inquiries to service orders to emergency service requests.

Faneuil Serves in Both the Private and Public Utility Sector

  • Investor-Owned Utilities
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Cooperative Utilities

Utility Industries We Currently Serve

Electric Utility Light bulb


Since 2010, Faneuil has been successfully representing electricity providers through our back office operations and contact centers.

Gas Utilities Flame

Natural Gas

For more than a decade, our extensively trained staff has been igniting the brand ambassador within our client's natural gas customers.

Freeway intersection


From California to Washington D.C., Faneuil has been helping the flow of customer care operations for our water utility service providers.

Waste Water and Sewer

Waste Water

Our experienced staff has been offering exceptional customer care operational support to waste water service providers since 1999.

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