Keeping things moving

Your toll operation comprises many complex and varied parts, including specific customer management needs. Thanks to our specialized service approach, you can benefit from an optimized, turnkey solution that was specially crafted for you.

As the nation’s largest outsource provider of toll collection specialists, we’re especially proud of our partnerships with several government agencies that have entrusted us with the collection of toll revenues along some of America’s most well-traveled highways. In deploying over 2,000 specialists across multiple states, as well as developing turn-key electronic collections, we understand the importance of keeping traffic moving, being fully staffed around the clock, and efficient, veritable revenue processing. From a friendly greeting and thank-you delivered by a toll collector along a busy highway, to the smooth passage of hundreds of thousands of vehicles each day through cashless electronic toll systems, Faneuil provides customer-facing and back-office services to keep things moving.

Support to Toll Agencies We Currently Provide

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Electronic Toll Collection

We adapted and expanded our proficiencies to include electronic collections as tolling agencies have invested in the required infrastructure.

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Manual Revenue Collection

We keep traffic running smoothly with the keeping of toll revenues along some of America’s most-traveled highways.

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Starting from scratch

See how we built a solid foundation—on sand!

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